Can Sleeping More Help You Lose Weight? – Body Health World


To be more successful when it comes to weight loss goals, the secret may be a good night’s sleep.

New research suggests that an extra hour of sleep every night could help sleep-deprived people who are overweight eat 270 fewer calories per day without even trying. Participants in the new study were not asked to restrict calories and did not even know that calorie intake was being measured for the trial, as it was done by analysis of urine samples the participants thought were being collected to measure other things.

That translates to nearly nine pounds of weight loss over a year, according to the researchers behind the study, published February 7 in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

“A decrease of 270 calories a day is tremendous. This is clinically important, and it’s also highly significant for people on weight loss programs,” says the lead author of the study, Esra Tasali, MD, an associate professor of medicine and the director of the Sleep Research Center at the University of Chicago.


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